Sr. Dolores Cyr

Sister Dolores Cyr

I was born in 1947, the oldest of 9--4 brothers and 4 sisters. 1 sister died in 1955.
After I graduated from High School in 1966, I worked 12 years at Billing Shoe Factory, to help support my brothers and sisters.
In August of 1979, I entered the Dominican Sisters in Sabattus at the age of
Assigned to the Iowa City community, I've been to Collegeville, Minnesota
for a year to study some theology, to Des Moines community for 3 years,
Pine and Tampa community in Lewiston, for 3 years. Back to Iowa--Riverside
community for 4 years and 15 years in Iowa City.
Now I'm back in the Sabattus, Maine community.
During all these years I've been working in nursing homes and assisted
living. 2 years at the Iowa City nursing home...3 years at the Commonwealth
nursing home in Des Moines...3 months at St. Joseph Manor in Portland,
Maine...3 years at D'Youville Pavillion in Lewiston, Maine...8 years at
Atrium Village in Hills, Iowa...10 years at Bickford Cottage Assisted
Living, and now I'm back in Maine taking care of our mother.