Sr. Renée Turcotte

Sister Renée Turcotte Sr. Renée Turcotte is another of our world-traveling sisters. She entered the Dominican order in 1952, following her graduation from St. Dominic High School in Lewiston, ME. After two years in Morefontaine, France, she began her teaching career in Brookline, Massachusetts, and continued on to Sabattus, Maine, Staten Island, New York, and Lewiston, Maine. While teaching during these years, she managed to complete her B.A. degree at St. Joseph College in Standish, Maine.

After completing her degree, she returned to Brookline, and also spent time in Phoenix, Arizona and studied at Regina Mundi in Rome, Italy. She spent 5 years teaching English as a community procurator in Casablanca, Morocco before returning to the US to teach in Arizona and New Mexico.

Following surgery for cancer, she returned to Maine and worked as a librarian at St. Peter's school, and then moved to Iowa for a while. While in Iowa, she felt called to Texas, to study the Spanish culture. She was hired as Parish Administrator in Strawn, Texas, where she served for seven years while completing her Master's Degree.

After her stay in Texas, she was blessed with a Sabbatical year, which began with a trip to Jerusalem, Israel, and included some time in Missouri. After returning to Maine, she worked as Parish Associate, Director of Religious Education, and RCIA. She worked for four years at the public library, and continues to work within the parish.

Much of her time is spent visiting the elderly, the homebound, and the sick in local hospitals. She is a Eucharistic minister and lector at both French and English masses. She finds that her time is well spent serving the needy within the parish. Like many members of the Sabattus community, she continues to be an active participant in various activities.